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So you feel like hanging up your dance shoes and calling it quits. Your parents and friends don't feel like dancing is a "real" career anyway. They think you are just going through a phase and you will grow out of it. On top of that, you can't seem to get your feet off the ground and make some real money as a dancer. Does this sound familiar? Welp. I've been there and guess what? You are not alone. My name is Indya Childs and I am the creator of RAW- No b.s. Just Facts blog. This blog is not your average dance blog because we cut the crap and get right to the facts. We will discuss the realities of being a dancer such as finding jobs, money, auditions, and etc. and share ideas that have helped dancers make this career an awesome one. This blog will challenge artists to think outside of the box and think bigger. The life of a dancer can be challenging so lets get RAW and cut the b.s. and get the to the facts!

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