"Child’s spine began to pulse gently with the music’s chiming rhythm. Rays of intense, bright light shone on her chest and upper body — it looked as though the light was radiating from her heart. Small pulses became spine isolations. They grew faster and faster — with the uncontrollable quickness of sobs."

Cynthia Bond Perry, ArtsAtl (2014)

"Miss Leah’s heartbreaking story lay at the production’s heart. The character’s well-known monologue, read by Cleage, told of Leah’s experiences with slavery, brutality, love and loss. As the character recalled her youth, Childs transformed from an old matriarch into a blossoming young woman. James, her husband (Roscoe Sales), partnered her with steadfast devotion. Later, Leah remembered her departed loved ones in a haunting scene to Still’s “Weeping Angels,” soulfully rendered by Bradley Candie."

Cynthia Bond Perry, ArtsAtl (2014)

“Alonzo” showed the professional ballet ensemble at its best. Set to the deep, resonant beat of a taiko drum in music by Japanese New Age composer Kitaro, the work blended the grace of ballet with the athleticism of martial arts. Calvin Gentry’s technique stood out, though there’s more potential inside. Regine Meteyer’s authority continues to grow, enhancing her ethereal qualities; Laila Howard, a former student of Ballethnic, brings crisp exactitude and vigor to her paces. New this year is Indya Childs. In size and proportion, she fits alongside the other dancers; she carries a supple, muscular facility that’s naturally kinetic. Her pleasure is palpable."


Cynthia Bond Perry, ArtsAtl (2013)

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